My new Book is published today!

27 Sep

This is the author’s fourth book exploring the complementary relationship between the Buddha’s teachings and modern psychology. Available on Amazon. It reflects his 40 years of study and development of a unique yet cogent perspective that incorporates the traditional Buddhist teachings and his meditation insights, with the research and study of modern scholars and psychologists. This book goes beyond what is usually taught in traditional Buddhist texts as well as comparative psychology essays. The integration of the doctrines is exceptionally helpful for creating psychological wellbeing and for comprehending important truths of life. The present book explores deeply the valuable interface of psychology and the Buddha’s teaching in developing wellbeing and wisdom. The Buddha’s teachings are clearly shown as a foundation for a Relapse Prevention model to eliminate suffering and create happiness in our lives and the world. This book focuses on how the Buddha’s teaching and modern cognitive psychology create a mind/body transformation that culminates in the transcendence of the dualistic subject-object misperception/illusion. ‘As long as we are compelled by the illusion of an inherent self, we remain driven by our wants, fears, and identities, alienated from the world and from understanding the interbeing of life. By awakening and emerging from this ignorance and obsession of self, we truly find release from bondage, enabling us to step forth unencumbered into the world, to be open and compassionate to life, to others, and to find real wellbeing. As a result, we offer wisdom, unconditional compassion, and friendliness to all sentient beings, treating all sentient being as our own family, benefiting others and ourselves. Non-identification is the path to awakening and is the keyword for non-clinging.’



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