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Ultimately Unknowable

8 Nov

The Buddha’s Teaching in Brief

29 Oct

Alienation and loneliness

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The Circle of Life

11 Sep

Alexander Von Humboldt

The circle of life

Ecosystems consist of living organisms interacting with the non-living elements in their environment, such as soil, atmosphere, water, and heat and sunlight, in ways that are essential for their survival. We all know that trees produce the oxygen we breathe, but most of us do not know that our oceans are at least as important for producing healthy air. Another example is that over 500 plant species rely on bats to pollinate their flowers, including species of mango, banana, and cocoa. Like birds, some bats play a critical role in spreading the seeds of trees and other plants and also help to reduce the number of mosquitos.

Alexander Von Humboldt, the 18th-century scientist and explorer, world-famous in his time, was the first to explain the fundamental functions of the forest for the ecosystem and climate, claiming that the world is a single interconnected organism. This is the concept of nature as we know it today. According to Von Humboldt, everything, to the smallest creature, has its role and together makes the whole, in which humankind is just one small part (Andrea Wulf, 2015).



29 Oct

Life the Initiator

30 Aug

The life’s Force

16 Aug

The All is Inscrutable to Us

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