Is Objectification the Problem?

12 Jan

via Is Objectification the Problem?

2 Responses to “Is Objectification the Problem?”

  1. Toni January 26, 2019 at 9:08 pm #

    Women also set themselves up as objects designed to arouse men’s desire. They choose to wear make-up, dye their hair, totter around in high heeled shoes to make their legs appear more shapely, wear low cut dresses, or high cut shorts. The belief behind this is that society instills the idea in woman that “if you don’t have a man, you are a failure”.

    • Rodger Ricketts, Psy.D. January 28, 2019 at 9:46 am #

      Yes, as I state in my article a big part of the problem in objectification is the exaggeration hence misuse of it as the society brainwashes its people in certain attitudes and hence behaviors. The Feminists have clearly shown through research how Western social media, films, fashion, pornography, etc. has conditioned woman into not only submissive social roles but created sexualized self-esteem based on physical appearance. That means not only the body but also dress and makeup, etc.. Also, my article points out the use of ‘pleasant’ appearances has been used cross-culturally for ages to attract another person. Men do it also. The problem is when the significant social objectification is solely on appearances. There is so much more to a person that can be appreciated and liked. When objectification is narrowed down to very specific attributes, like sexuality, it becomes the only aspect searched for and seen and then becomes the only focus of desires and behaviors- hence harassment and abuse. There is a complex interplay between the subject/object in all cases. However, even when a person emphasizes certain sensual qualities to be ‘attractive’, as the society encourages, ie. mini skirts, that is never permission for others to treat that person in bullying or insulting ways. To do that only puts one’s attitudes over another and that is immature, unempathetic and narcissistic. Thank you, Toni, for your comment.

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