Spiritual Ego Transformation

23 May
The transformation process encourages us to alter our state of consciousness so that the reality of existence is better understood. This expanded acumen allows us to see our existence as an integral part of the whole universe, like single and interconnected knots in the intricate tapestry of creation. With this perspective, a wise and mature person can be described with two words: simple and stable, for they value their present moment, elementary life experiences; life as it is, not as an abstract idealization of what it should or must be. For the transcended mind, the continuous, restless cravings, aversions, identifications, and self-enhancements are no longer potent forces in living. Instead, in the simplicity of ‘as it is’, we actively and fully participate in our originative accretions in the now; carefully, maturely, with creativity, sensitivity, and forethought, we interact with valuation, respect, delight, and contentment in the medium of existence. We are the authors, inventors, and artisans for whom life becomes our art form. Using knowing awareness, we continually act, respond, and transform through our interactions in all aspects of a constantly transforming existence. In fact, one becomes aware again, as we were when younger, that life is a wondrous and at times mysterious experience.
Through the ego transformation process, by understanding the inter-being of all existence, our attention sees beyond our limited representative ego and is no longer directed to only our wellbeing but also the wellbeing of all of life’s manifestations. By listening to and responding to the ‘inner voice’ of the original mind, our ego becomes the transformative device to realize this natural actualization. Indeed, mindful, reflective awareness does not occur by the insistence of the ego, but by the promptings to realization originating from the original mind. We are all potential Buddha to the extent that we consciously participate in giving creative expression to our initially intuitive promptings of the original mind. This is the ultimate promise of the Buddha’s middle way relapse prevention program – to end the conditions, which create the tragedy of our suffering. The Buddha’s Gift: A life of Well Being and Wisdom

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