All is interconnected

4 Sep

Everything on Earth is interconnected and interdependent not only together but also with the universe.


Life the Initiator

30 Aug

The life’s Force

16 Aug

Clear Pure Mind

30 Jul

In the sphere of Mara, of the ignorant mind, our minds take root and become affixed to a small subjective cognitive world. We encapsulate ourselves in a narrow range of likes and dislikes and we see the world through the dark glasses of egocentric biases of for and against. The world that is attached to becomes only a dualistic Right vs Wrong world and our suffering and alienation on many levels appear and crystallize. We do not stop discriminating long enough to open and enlarge our world. This alienation, isolation, and suffering only vanish when our minds become clear, pure, and empty in the true sense and we find the Buddha’s joyous world that All is interconnected and co-arising.

Siddhartha’s Existential Crisis and Resolution 2020 revised

4 Jul
1 Jul

The All is Inscrutable to Us

16 Jun


9 Jun


9 Jun

Living as I-Thou or I-It

9 Jun