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“mitakuye oyasin” means that all are related

7 Jun

No Person is an Island

29 May
In a very real sense, no person is alone, no man is an island. We are not isolated atoms, each jostling and competing against the rest in a Darwinian struggle for survival of the fittest. Instead, each of us is supported and constituted, ultimately, by all, there is in the universe. We are at home in the universe.
In this entangled universe, we cannot do violence to our fellow human beings or our fellow inhabitants of the Earth without doing violence to ourselves. And the most effective way to benefit oneself may be to benefit others.
We are participants in the creation drama that is constantly unfolding. We are constantly co-creating and re-creating ourselves and other organisms in the universe, shaping our common futures, making our dreams come true, and realizing our potentials and our ideals. Mae Wan Ho


13 Mar

Children of the Universe

1 Nov